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Are tech concerns adding unnecessary pressure on your business?

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Facet Technologies, Inc. offers reliable IT support solutions for virtually all types of small and medium size businesses throughout central Illinois. From complete IT support and staffing to supplemental and specialized IT support for your company’s staff, Facet can assist your organization with all of today’s technology challenges.

When choosing a service provider, recommendations, qualifications and years in business are important attributes to take into consideration. Facet staffs highly experienced and fully certified professionals to handle a wide spectrum of business IT support services.

Proficient IT Support Specialists

At Facet Technologies, Inc., we pride our company’s business IT support specialists on the wealth of experience and level of proficiency they offer. Over the years, our IT support experts have:

  • Maintained hundreds of Windows NT, 2000, and 2003 Servers.
  • Supported thousands of Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 workstations.
  • Configured backups as well as setup a rotation schedule for the backup media.
  • Setup antivirus to be controlled from one central computer/server instead of end user being responsible for updates/issues.
  • Setup remote support access to securely allow for employees/management to access files from server/workstation from any remote location.
  • Setup remote IT support enabling us to troubleshoot issues for clients in remote locations.
  • Setup remote monitoring to allow for immediate IT support contact when any issues may arise with a server.
  • Setup employee rotation to allow for 24/7 IT support.
  • Designed machines/servers to fit the unique demands of businesses and allow for future growth.
  • Trained thousands of employees on basic computer usage, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, miscellaneous software packages, and computer hardware.
  • Installed new routing and cabling to allow for gigabit Ethernet.
  • Setup Cisco equipment to secure our network from outside intrusions.
  • Setup spam filtering. Reduced spam emails by almost 98%.
  • Setup automated Windows updates. This allows for updates to be done without having to have employees do manual updates themselves.

When starting a new business or adding computers to an existing business, there are many IT support considerations that need to be addressed. Contact us to learn more about how our IT consultants can help your business. Creative & Adaptive IT Solutions

Unlike other companies in Illinois that provide professional IT solutions, here at Facet Technologies, we pride our team based on its unique combination of creative and adaptive IT professionals. Not only do we offer decades of experience providing advanced IT support and consultancy services for many different businesses, organizations, and institutions throughout Illinois, but we also embrace emerging and cutting-edge technologies and computer systems to help our clients thrive and succeed.

While our business IT support and consultancy solutions have certain systems in place, we adapt to the unique needs of each and every client that we serve. Spanning from IT staffing solutions for schools and educational institutions to ongoing IT support solutions for enterprise-level companies, we at Facet are well-versed team in all aspects of information technology.

Local Business IT Support Services

When businesses of Illinois need locally-dependable IT support services, Facet Technologies has a trusted reputation throughout the state. With a core focus in central Illinois, Facet provides business IT support solutions to clients spanning all over Illinois.

Facet Technologies offers business IT consulting services and business IT support Peoria, Bloomington/Normal, and Central Illinois businesses rely on.

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