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Cybersecurity Services for Business

If you’re a business owner who follows the news, you are already familiar with the reality of constant security threats and attacks on business networks, systems and data. Many business owners who look into cybersecurity services dismiss them as “non-essential” or time-wasting endeavors, but these judgements can quickly turn into costly mistakes.

Every day, small and medium sized businesses are attacked by hackers and bad actors looking for valuable data and information on you, your business, and your employees. They may look for back doors into your systems or target you with phishing scams and emails that appear to be from an internal source. They only need one attempt to be successful.

Facet’s Security Plus Audit is our #1 tool for diagnosing and evaluating potential threats to businesses. This is a 100+ point audit that takes an in-depth look at your real cybersecurity situation, and identifies areas that are sufficiently protected, as well as areas that may need to be addressed. For more information on the Security Plus Audit, click here.

Facet’s Cybersecurity Solutions include:

  • NEmail Security Solution: protect your employees and data from email-based attacks. Prevents infiltration by spam filtering, email anti-virus, content filtering, email encryption, and more.
  • NOffice 365 Backup Solution: cloud-based secure backup for Office 365 and Outlook prevents attacks by malicious insiders, employee retaliation, evidence tampering, ransomware, and more.
  • NMulti-Factor Authentication: protects against brute force attacks and other attempts to access your shared networks and your business’s infrastructure. Simple to use and quick to implement, this can assist with the biggest pain point of cybersecurity, human error.
  • NRestore and Secure: have you had a data breach, hack, ransomware, or other attack on your business? Facet can help you restore your technology and create a plan to protect your business going forward.

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