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Outsource Small Business Tech Support

In the digital age, most businesses understand having subpar technical support can be their downfall. When customers’ needs aren’t being met due to a lack of technological expertise, they’ll take their business elsewhere. However, the various costs associated with having an in-house IT staff can be too much for many smaller organizations to bear. That’s why they often choose to outsource tech support with a company like Facet Tech.

We’ll take care of your IT challenges while you focus on actually running your business.

What Do You Get When You Outsource Small Business Tech Support with Facet Tech?

Trying to decide whether to outsource small business tech support? Here are just a few of the advantages working with a dedicated tech support company can provide.

  • You’ll be working with the experts: One of the best parts about outsourcing your IT is being able to benefit from the knowledge of highly trained professionals in the field. If you choose handle IT yourself, you’ll either have to hire an IT specialist as part of your staff (which doesn’t come cheap) or you’ll have to make do with what little know-how you may possess yourself. Neither one of these options will be ideal for most businesses, as you’ll have to make big sacrifices in both scenarios. But when you outsource small business tech support, you’ll gain excellent solutions for your clients and for your own needs.
  • You can provide better customer service: If you’re trying to handle IT yourself, you’ll probably end up dropping the ball in other parts of your business. In addition, your solutions probably won’t be nearly as high-quality as those you get when you outsource. When you’re able to provide your customers with the best IT solutions available, they’ll be much more satisfied and therefore more loyal to your company. Plus, “support” is a big part of what we do! Let us help you provide better service to your customers as you grow your operations.
  • You’ll be saving money overall: A lot of small businesses are under the impression that they can’t afford to outsource their IT. But actually, having an IT staff on your payroll will be a lot more pricey (potentially tens of thousands per year!). And not having the help you need will cost you way more in lost clients. When you outsource, you won’t have to deal with overhead costs or salaries; instead, you’ll pay for a specific support package that will provide you and your customers with the necessary support without breaking the bank.

Although we rely on technology more heavily than ever before, it’s not always going to run perfectly. At some point, you’ll run into IT issues that require quick solutions for both you and your clients. When you outsource tech support, rather than trying to handle it in-house, you’ll gain access to a higher level of technical proficiency and will be able to provide superior customer service as a result. In addition, organizations that choose to outsource small business tech support realize this is a more cost-effective option, especially because they’re often supplied with faster, higher-quality technology to get the job done. That translates into smoother operations, financial savings, and less stress and frustration in general.

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